Make Sure to Get the Best Advice for Your Divorce

When you’re going through the process of divorce, you may find that a lot of people who have previously gone through a divorce have a lot of unsolicited advice to give.

It’s tempting, even comforting, to try to find similarities between your divorce and theirs, and certainly the people you’re talking to have the best of intentions. However, what works best for someone else may not be what works best for you. Here are a few things to consider when seeking advice about your divorce. 

First, consider seeking advice from a legal professional rather than relying on the past experience of others. Every situation has different facts and challenges. Attorneys who practice family law are uniquely suited to help you through your divorce. They’re skilled in mediation, which is a requirement in almost all divorce cases in Minnesota. 

They have professional connections with other local attorneys and are able to stay well-informed about changes in the law in Minnesota. They’re also well-positioned to help you determine how to divide assets and protect your financial future, and many can refer you to the professionals needed to plan beyond a divorce. 

Next, make sure that your own behavior is dictated by common sense, regardless of how you’re the other person may behave. Being respectful and professional during your divorce helps make the process run smoother. Emotions understandable can run high, but poor behavior can create an unfavorable impression with the court and ultimately create more difficulty in finding settlement in your divorce.  

Finally, and often most important, if you have children, make sure to put them first in the divorce process. In Minnesota, child custody focuses on the best interests of the child. Focusing on what your child needs can give you a purpose outside of your personal feelings about the divorce. If the other party is uncooperative about sharing parenting time or decision making, consulting with a family law attorney is often the best path to navigate that potentially thorny issue. 

Your support system is important, as is learning from others. But a divorce is also nothing to treat lightly. Advice from a family law professional helps you protect your personal interests, your financial situation, and the best interests of your children.

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