Modification of Existing Orders

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Relationships matter, especially with our children. Child custody and parenting time arrangements focus on the best interests of each child while protecting your rights as a parent. It can be challenging, at times, to find resolution.

Family Law involves seeking to understand family dynamics and support future relationships. We take the time to learn about your relationships and what you want them to look like now and in the future. This allows us to use our experience and creativity to guide you toward a positive resolution.

We know you’ll have questions. We work to meet your needs and educate you about the legal issues and statutes affecting your parenting time, custody issues, and conflict resolution.

We work to resolve issues involving establishing legal and physical custody and parenting time.

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It is possible to change child support orders. Whether by agreement or filing a request to the Court, terms can only be modified and enforceable via an updated court order that is approved by a judge.

Minnesota requires a substantial change in circumstances that makes the existing order unreasonable or unfair in some respect. While circumstances vary, any change has to be approved by a court order, even when both parties agree.

Yes, depending on the particular circumstances, modifications can be either permanent or temporary. Examples include temporary loss of employment by one parent, short-term disability, or medical emergencies.