Minnesota Court of Appeals

A Win at the Court of Appeals for Haugen Law

Haugen Law Group recently won a victory at the Minnesota Court of Appeals on behalf of a client where we had earlier handled the trial. 

The case dealt with a child custody issue where our client had deep concerns about the opposing party’s ability to care for an 11-year-child child facing a profound mental health crisis. The parties went through a two-day trial, after which our client was awarded joint legal and joint physical custody and gained the opportunity to provide more stability and assistance to their child, including having the child attend school from our client’s residence. 

After our client prevailed at the lower court, the opposing party appealed. In Minnesota, the Court of Appeals is a “court of right”—any party who loses at trial may ask that Court to hear their appeal. In an appeal, the losing party requests the Court of Appeals examine the decision of the trial court and determine that it was wrong.  

Andy Haugen and Lisa Needham wrote the brief on behalf of our client, and Andy argued the case at the Court of Appeals. Court of Appeals cases have an oral argument where lawyers for both sides have an opportunity to speak to a three-judge panel and explain why they should win.  If the Court of Appeals agrees that the lower court made an error, they can reverse the decision and instruct the lower court to change their decision or hold a new trial.  

Haugen Law Group prevailed at the Court of Appeals, with a unanimous decision on behalf of our client. This means the decision from the trial court stands and our client’s child continues to attend school from their home and receive the attention and care the child needs.  

If you’ve been served with an appeal or are considering appealing a decision of the lower court, reach out to Haugen Law Group for our appellate expertise.  


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